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Get rid of your photos' metadata and protect your privacy


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Digital photos are made up of more than just the image itself - they also include metadata with information about the photo, camera, photographer, and location. It's a kind of tag system created for digital cameras and image editing software. While you may not be familiar with metadata, you've probably heard the names of some of these tags: Exif, GPS, IPTC, and XMP.

Generally, this information is useful for the image, but there are also reasons that you might not want the data to be included with your photos. For example, you may want to delete it if you're going to publish your images on the Internet, to protect your privacy so that people can't use the data to find out where you are or where you live. There's another, more innocuous reason to delete the information: these tags take up space on your hard drive, and make your photos take longer to load.

Exif Tag Remover is a tool that allows you to easily delete all of the metadata tags, so if you do that before you upload your photos online, you can protect your privacy so that no one can use the tags to find out where the photo was taken.

What you should keep in mind when you're extracting metadata is that the size of the file will be reduced as well. The tags might not take up very much space on a large-sized image, but when it comes to small images, like online thumbnail previews, the space they occupy is relatively much larger.

- Supports more than 35 image formats.